Latest Selden carbon mast update (Read 2087 times)
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Latest Selden carbon mast update
16th Nov, 2016 at 4:50pm
Fran and I sailed 3 races on Sunday in 5-6 knots of breeze.  We had decided to move the spreaders back to 160mm (the full extent of the screw adjuster) to increase the prebend to nearer that of the aluminium mast.  The increased bend suited the luff of the mainsail.  The mast is stiffer than the alloy and the latest CST, therefore you do not feel that spring through the main sheet; it is fully in, or it's off.   The load in the jammer is greater and it can be difficult to un-cleat if a lot of tension has been applied. You cannot feel the weight advantage of the mast through the boat, as you could with the CST, it is heavier.

In these conditions the mainsail set perfectly, the boat speed and pointing were very impressive, and the upper leach tell tails were streaming correctly.  Last week Jason Kirk sailed the boat with Fran in 25 knots of breeze, and he was most impressed, although they did manage to get some Grafham mud on the tip of the mast.

Next week I will ease the lowers half a hole to make the rig a little easier to control.

Further testing is needed and I shall keep you updated.

John Reynolds
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